Thursday, April 28, 2011


So, I have been feeling so BLAH lately- about everything.
I am just tired and so it effects my whole outlook on everything. First of all, my baby is sick- she has broken out in hives and we don't know from what (great!) and she also has some bronchial issues that are causing her to wheeze really badly. I hate hearing her cough and wheeze and see the spots its just so sad. BUT, she is fine- laughing, playing, no fever- its crazy. We started some medicine and bought a nebulizer and I really think its helping. Second, My husband is in the Police Academy so he is kinda stressed and has to study alot and I always worry that we are bothering him and when the baby wakes up at night I feel bad if it wakes him up because I know he needs to sleep. Third, my 5 yr old is going through a defiant stage, you know the one, tell her to stop and she does it one more time. I really can't stand when I pick her up and i have a teacher tell me all the things she did wrong, but they NEVER pull me aside and tell me when she is acting great! Note to teachers- parents like to hear good stuff too.
to continue my whining : my house is a wreck, each room is worse that the one I just left, my laundry is done but in piles to be put up all over the house, the girls rooms need to be cleaned (and de-cluttered) I need to have a garage sale so I can actually park my car in there. I haven't been counting my points like I should for WW, I am watching what I eat but not counting. I have been having alot of fat days so I hate all my clothes and I am regretting cutting my hair. I know I know debbie downer but I needed to vent!

Monday, April 25, 2011

hmmm... Black all week?

grey top- Target
black tank- Old Navy
pants- Deb
butterfly pin- ???
necklace- first Christmas gift from my Babe in '04

floral top- Kohls
white cropped card- Kohls
pants- Sears

button up shirt - Thrifted $7!!
black top- Target
necklace- Kohls
Jeans- Maurices

black shirt- Old Navy thrifted
jeans- Maurices
necklace- Rue 21

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and The Pleated Poppy

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Why do you seek the living among the dead? 
He is Risen!! 
Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross so that I could truly live!

Happy Easter, I pray you had a wonderful day.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I AM as I type this ha ha

floral shirt- Kohls
white cropped cardi- Kohls
pants- Target
necklace- old, never worn
earrings- old, probably Kohls

Do the earrings go with the necklace, I have never worn pearls (fake or real) and so I don't know if you have to wear both necklace and earrings the same or can mix it up?

Should I button the cardi or leave it open?

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


When I first started this blog it was because I was addicted to reading other blogs and wanted to try my hand at it. I started with my bento lunches I pack for my daughter Sassy (5yrs), and then I wanted to also show off my family; Sassy, Cheeks (9 mos) and Babe (the hubz). I then found fashion blogs and wanted to start incorporating some of that in to the blog. I NEVER thought I would have followers! I mean, followers are for blogs that actually have something to say or are interesting or at the very least written by people that use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. So the fact that I have 6 followers is amazing, 1 is my Babe but he still counts.

I wanted to say Thank you for "following"me. This blog will be random, inconsistent, and full of errors but I am all of those things too, so it works. :)   I may once in awhile throw in a recipe, or a craft or a rambling or rant, so stay tuned- You never know what you may get. God Bless you all!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Clean that mirror!!

Hello- Monday again!

We had a great weekend. My girls always get up early and the weekend is no exception. Cheeks woke up at 4:45 on Saturday, so I went into the living room with her and we went back to sleep on the couch about 5:30 and at 7:15 I hear "mommy, you are supposed to sleep in your bed!" . ha ha Sassy was up too. Daddy got up a little after that and joined us. Coffee please!! I decided to finally go through Cheeks' drawers and pull out everything she has outgrown, I believe we filled a hugr trash bag. My mom is the garage sale queen so luckily we have some "new" clothes she can wear. After I cleaned Cheeks' room it was onto Sassy's. I rearranged her furniture to give her more floor space to play and we tidied up a bit (still needs work) in between we had lunch and played and Cheeks napped on daddy. That afternoon we had professional family pictures to take, I was so excited about getting these done. I have never had pro pics take of the family so I couldn't wait to get them done. I had everyone color coordinated and me and the girls all had little cardigan/shrugs on. We got a few shots in and we were taking some of Cheeks by herself when she ate a leaf. We tried to get it out but she had already swallowed it, no biggie right? wrong! A few more pics later and the girl starts gagging and throws up all over herself and daddy!! theres the leaf... well, I was about to really be upset when the wonderful photographer (my friend) said "oh, photoshop can take that right out" Praise God! We were able to clean up and continue with pictures. Here are two ( a sneak peek)

 On Sunday we went to our church and then after the service we celebrated the church's 19th birthday with a fish fry it was great, later we napped and then just picked up the house and after that Sassy helped me make dinner athough while we ate she told me thank you for helping HER make dinner.                                        

ok onto What I wore these past few days

  This whole outfit is items that I have had forever, I really am not sure where any of it came from except the pants are from Sears and the belt came with a shirt from Melrose

The necklace is new and I LOVE it, its from Rue 21

Cardigan- Target
striped shirt- Wal-Mart
purple cami- Kohls
necklace- ???
pants- Sears

Cardigan- Target
leopard shirt- OLD no clue from where

the "cami" is actually kind of a bandeau type thing that I have two of and love, they don't add to much bulk under clothes but cover the cleavage- Cato

pants- Sears
Necklace- Lia Sophia

I am linking up to "Real Momma Real Style" at Momma Go Round
and this Wednesday to "WIWW" at The Pleated Poppy

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Misc Friday

First up: some of the food and drinks that I have been having this week since starting weight watchers-

This is a breakfast that I had two days this week
 yoplait yocrunch yogurt
bagel thin with butter spray
and coffee

sandwich thin with buddig turkey meat, lettuce and a little mayo (gotta have a little!)
WW cheese stick
V8 Vfusion
keebler townhouse flatbread crisps

I have done really well, drinking lots of water, writing down everything I put in my mouth, checking labels. I tried spaghetti squash for the first time ever and loved it so thats great, a new veggie to add to the list. I made some portobello parmigiana and  it was so good, my husband was not a fan- but he is so sweet he will eat whatever I cook! We will be going for pizza tonight because Sassy has gotten her "good behavior" sticker all week at school. I have adjusted my eating today so that I can have 2-3 slices of pizza (its a thin crust cheese pizza) and of course I will get the salad bar to help.

***if you want to know points values of anything I post just ask***

I have to share this pic- Sassy has a Barbie fashion kit that you press material in between the plastic top and the barbie form to make clothing. She loves it and has so much fun with making outfits, does me proud- here is one of her creations- I would wear it, would you?

and in cutie patootie news- Cheeks can now wave and say bye bye- its the cutest thing ever, we will get it on video so I can post it here.

Have a great day!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sad Sad lunch

poor Sassy, this is what she ate yesterday- Actually she loved it, I think it is one of the saddest lunches I have made yet.

celery with peanut butter
chicken nuggets
orange flower with strawberry center
and a parfait yogurt cup
apple juice to drink

I need to find my inspiration somewhere to bento again. I was doing great and then got out of the habit. Hopefully better ones will come soon.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A quick What I Wore...

This outfit was cute but it didn't wear well, don't you hate that! I wish I could just stand still all day and look cute, BUT that doesn't happen- so here is my cute while standing still, not so wearable all day outfit.

Pink shell- Target
Gray cardi- Thrifted
belt- so old, never been worn
jeans- Target OLD- see the fraying?
necklace/bracelet- James Avery

New shoes!! Payless
 I am linking up to The Pleated Poppy, go check out the other Mommas!!

***** I started Weight Watchers on Monday so hopefully soon there will not be that tummy bulge that you see through the shirt, I swear it doesn't look like that until I see it through the camera!!  Wish me Luck, if anyone wants to be WW buddies I am game! ******

Monday, April 11, 2011

WIWW - and a haircut!

So last week I started linking up to a couple of blogs (Momma Go Round and The Pleated Poppy) that take pics of their outfits. I loved this idea so much! I also love that since I have linked up I have had comments left on my blog- hurray!

Here are a few outfits I have worn this past week.

Shirt- Kohls
Shrug- Dillards
jeans- JC Penney
shoes- Wal-Mart!
Necklace- JC Penney
My $10 WalMart shoes!!

Cardi- Old Navy
Tank- ???
Jeans- Maurices
flip flops- The shoe dept

shirt- Rue 21
shorts - JC Penney
shoes- OLD!!
necklace- bridemaids gift from 3 yrs ago

shirt- Target
shrug- Khols
necklace-gift from a friend
capris- old- Sears
so if you look at the top picture and the bottom picture you will see that I cut 6" off my hair! This is big for me because I always wear my hair long but I think I like this cut, just need to get used to it.

I am learning this whole blog thing, so forgive the oddly placed pictures- and I am also working on how to get the best pic of my outfit- I really hate pictures of me by myself, never know what to do!

Check out what all the other Momma's are wearing!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jewelry organizer!

I have a big collection of jewelry- mainly necklaces but also brooches, bracelets, and earrings. I have a door hanging jewelry organizer with pockets and a jewelry box but its just doesn't hold it in a way that I can see everything I have. So, yesterday I was telling a friend about all the vintage stuff that I have in my garage that I need to get rid of, sell, donate - something! and I realized that I have this mannequin I used to use as a decoration. There really isn't anyplace in my house that I can display it that it won't be in the way, BUT I figured out how I can use it...

I am so excited about how this came out!

Friday, April 8, 2011

New Beginning...Again...

I have been blog hopping, like I do, and I found another great blog- T Minus T Plus, she is great! She is fun and fashionable and started this blog to hold herself accountable to start eating better and planning out her weekly wardrobe. As I have recently been getting back into planning my outfits and actually caring what I wear I think now would also be a good time to work on my weight.  I have never been a "small" girl, I have always had thighs and hips and a big ol booty even when my tummy was actually "gasp" flat (this was YEARS ago) anyway, I have always struggled. I like food, I like to try new things, go out to eat, eat greasy food, sweets, salty you name it. I hate diets- I hate having to limit myself to only certain things- i.e. no meat or no carbs or no sweets, that is the quickest way for me to be turned off to the whole "diet" idea. enter...Weight Watchers- I love this! I have lost weight everytime I have been on WW, yes thats right I have actually joined twice before. They just re-vamped the system and now fruits and veggies are 0 points! tahts great, we should be eating those anyway right! so starting Monday, April 11 I am going to start WW again- why Monday, well because I havent bought groceries and my husband and I are going on a double date tonight sooo.... I want 2 more "free" days. I want to be held accountable, I want to be asked "How is WW going" because I want to hear "Wow, have you lost weight?"

Reasons to lose:
1) I want to look GREAT in clothes- smokin hot!
2) oh yeah I want to be healthy :)
3) I want my daughters to never have to struggle with their weight because I did
4) I want my gorgeous husband to be proud of his hot wife (well he actually already thinks I'm hot but he just doesn't know how hot I can be!)
5)I don't want to have to shop in a "plus" section, and I want to be able to always find my size

so, in addition to bentos and fashion I will now chronicle my weight loss and food choices- stay tuned

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I was home sick yesterday but in the afternoon I started feeling better so my mom and I ventured out- I am looking for a sofa table for my entry way and it has become one of the hardest things I have ever tried to track down! We went to about 5-6 resale, consignment stores and found one that they were selling for $55 (ummm NO) and one place they had JUST sold one for $30- of course!
I took Sassy to dance class and while she was there Cheeks and I went to JC Penney, I had not been in awhile and I was SO excited to find that they are doing a major re-vamp and have added a Sephora and are expanding the plus and maternity sections- this is awesome because in this town, those two departments get very little selection.
anyway- I FOUND JEANS!! this is major as I have only had one pair that I love in forever and so sadly I wear them everyday and wash them on the weekends and sometimes I even have to dig them back out of the laundry pile for one more wear- I know I know, but whats a girl to do. I love these jeans and they are on sale, from $50 to $25- I think I will go get one more pair.
so on to what I wore... I am linking up to The Pleated Poppy for WIWW

4/4/11 work
cardi- its actually pink, looks red - Target
zebra shirt- AAFES
necklace-JC Penney
bracelet- jewelry home show
jeans- Maurice's


4/6/11 work
cardi- gift about 5 yrs ago
dress - Target
belt- old
jeans- NEW JC Penney
shoes-old Candie's

OMG! please excuse the dirty entry way, my husband
has been doing yardwork and tracking all
kinds of fun stuff in!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I am home today with a migraine- I hate them! The reason for this one is because the weather cannot make up its mind on what it wants and when it goes from warm, to overcast, to a cool front- my head takes a beating.
Since I am home today I am obviously not dressed up- so I thought I would just share some of my fav things to have in my wardrobe and post a picture of Sassy's lunch from today.

I am loving Maxi dresses- for 2 reasons 1) I hate my legs! they are too white and always have bruises on them (not sure why, I am forever getting mysterious bruises)
2) I am tall, so they tend to fall at a perfect length on me
I love this one but its a little pricey so I bought this one instead- it will be my Easter dress

I LOVE ballet flats - again, I am tall (not super tall, but taller than most women)so I don't wear heels too much, or at all. maybe a kitten heel but thats usually only on date night.
I have these shoes in so many patterns and materials and I could still use more like oh I don't know - these

and one more thing that is a MUST have in my wardrobe are Chunky necklaces!! I love statement necklaces of any kind, color, fabric- whatever! as long as it is an attention grabber like this or even this one

strawberry jelly sandwich, spring oreo,
cheese stick, grapes and chick crackers
and finally- here is Sassy's lunch from today

Monday, April 4, 2011

Lunch catch-up

So here are a few of the recent lunches (and one muffin tin meal) I have sent with my 5yr old- I am not going to explain each one but if you want to know about something just ask!

I am linking up with Muffin Tin Mom

Neglected...but Not anymore!!

So there are many things I neglect once in awhile (housework, my diet, my kids <-JOKE) but there are two things that have been neglected for awhile- this blog and my fashion choices. I recently found a fashion blog, The Pleated Poppy written by a woman that chronicles her daily outfits in an attempt to keep herself accountable and out of sweat pants- I love this idea!! As I was clicking on all the link ups of other bloggers, of which I book marked most of  :) , I found Momma Go Round (she is adorable!) . Both ladies have a day that other bloggers link up and show of their outfit choices, Mondays on Momma Go Round and Wednesdays on The Pleated Poppy. Let me tell you that this led to HOURS of blog hopping!! I decide that I was going to get back to this blog and start sharing my fashion finds, outfit choices and anything else fashion related that I want too. I will still talk about the bento lunches I send my girl and really anything else that I want to share with everyone.
*******backstory - I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising, I used to dress up for everything, even in college when everyone else was in jeans, t-shirts and pj bottoms I was in skirts and cute shoes and accessories. In high school I had my own sense of style, not sure what you would call it but it was unique and I enjoyed putting outfits together. Since I had my first daughter and now my second I, like most moms have put myself on the back burner with alot of things- I have made sure that they looked adorable eveywhere we went and then just threw something on myself- not that I have looked bad but I was just sticking with easy pull on no thinking about it clothes- Thats NOT me!*****
These bloggers have given me a new excitement about fashion and so I went and did a bit of shopping (resale store and Target clearance) this weekend and I also took a different look at everything in my closet.
These first few pics are from my phone, but I will have my husband start using our camera from now on!

red tank- Melrose
Black shirt- ?????
yellow belt- ????
jeans- Maurice's
necklace- Kohl's

shoes- Maurice's

I am linking up with Momma Go Round