Monday, May 23, 2011

Family Pictures (this is alot of pictures)

These are the family pictures that we took about a month ago- We love them, I am so happy at how they turned out. I am not going to explain each one as it is my family of four and my parents in all of them. Hope you enjoy!

dress- Target
Hot guy in the background- ALL MINE! :)

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Ready to go shopping!

Here are a few pics from my iphone, I forgot to bring my camera to work to upload my pictures from last week so I will have to do another post later.

Work wear
black shirt- old old old like from freshman year of college!
white cropped cardi- Kohls
Jeans- Maurice's
necklace- Kohls


So the last picture is from last week- and the full outfit will be posted but I HAD to show off the necklace that I made because of all the wonderful tutorials all over blogland! I am so excited at how it turned out and I wore it and had so manu compliments and I was thrilled to say "Oh, thanks I made it" I will def be making more!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

What I wore - leggings??

So I was supposed to have written this post like a week ago, but then I had the mis placement of pictures due to my husband and then blogger decided to not work so here I am late late late in posting this but I am here.

yellow cardi- Melrose
red floral dress- Target
leggings- local boutique
flats- Maurice's
pearl rope necklace- my grandmothers!

dress- local boutique
shrug- Dillards
sandals- Kohls
Beautiful girl- All mine!!

shirt- Cato
Jeans- JC Penney

As you can see in the first picture I went waaaaayyyy outside my comfort zone and tried leggings! I didn't really like how I looked in them, they were comfy but I don't know maybe it was the color of them or the dress or just the outfit its self. Not sure but I will try again, because I found the entire section of them at Target!! These that I have were way too expensive and they snagged so basically they are expensive trash now!! oh well I did try and thats what Nina at Momma Go Round asked us to do!!

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Where have I been?

Hello Blog land!!

I have been missing lately due to life! Sick kids, husband finishing up school, mom had neck and hand surgery, Mother's day etc etc etc...

I was all set to sit down last night and post some outfits from the previous week and I realize that my husband has dumped all my pictures on to a computer at school so he could use the camera for one of their training exercises!! So I have a few pics from my phone today and I will do better once I get my pictures back.
yellow cardi- Melrose
plaid shirt- JC Penney
pants- Sears ( a million years ago)
necklace- LISA LEONARD!!
I finally, after coveting all the beautiful pieces other bloggers wear, got mine
its the Heart Strings necklace- better picture below

shoes- Kohls (two years ago)


My girl and I at the Mother's Day tea at her school!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Real as it gets!

wore this to work
shirt- Kohls
jeans- Maurices
earrings- old

wore this while taking baby to 2 dr appts- and running errands
dress- local boutique
necklace- kohls

wore to work
tank- Target
cardi- old, gift
necklace- old, gift

wore this to work
tank- melrose
cardi- thrifted

wore this to a kid's bday party
shirt-??? can't think right now
cami- Kohls
necklace- was my grandma's

necklace- Kohls
cardi- JC Penney
striped tank- Kohls I think

My family was hit with some horrible stomach bug- first the baby, then the 5 yr old then the parents- HORRIBLE- surprised when I looked back at last weeks outfits that I even looked that put together.
 I think we are all ok now- Thank God!

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Have a blessed week!