Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I cannot beleive its been over a week since I posted something- My husband has been out of town at a school and so its just me and the girls and that can get kinda hectic. Thank goodness he comes home this Saturday.
Just to update I will put some pics of the last few bentos I have sent with Sassypants and I am going to try and get in on the Whats for Lunch Wednesdays - there is a button on the side you can click to link to the page and see all of the other wonderful lunches!
 honey wheat thin sticks, dried cherries and blueberries, turkey and cheese on a stick and some carrots with ranch in the blue container- This is one of my authentic Japanese bento boxes!!
This lunch was specifically asked for- I was even quizzed to make sure I remembered-
Blueberry Shortcake sandwich (this is what we have named cream cheese/jelly sandwiches) carrots with ranch in the red container, fruit salad with some surprise cherries, a "bag" of potato chips- I was forbidden to take them out of the bag, and for a special surprise treat there are some m&ms in some cling wrap hidden under the carrot cup 
Acorn shape cream cheese and blueberry jam sandwiches, "trail mix" of freeze dried apples, raisins and choc covered cinnamon toast crunch, smiley cornbread crackers, carrots with ranch

turkey and cheese triangle sandwiches, bell pepper flowers, blk olives and mini pickles on a flamingo pick, apple chunks with a cherry cream cheese dip

This is an early Veterans Day lunch since Sassypants doesn't have school tommorrow - This one is dedicated to Daddy!
Strawberry jelly/cream cheese sandwich, pita chips, tomatoes, celery with dill dip, and she had a simply fruit-fruit roll up too

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  1. Great lunches! Love the froggy and bee tins and the stencil work for the Veterans Day box!