Friday, October 29, 2010


I went to pick up Sassypants from school yesterday and she greeted me with a frown. I thought maybe she had gotten into some trouble at school- well, no. She says "Mommy, my lunch wasn't even special today! There was nothing special!" Ouch! I was kind of hurried and tired the night before last and I didn't put as much time into her lunch as usual- I did roll the sandwich and cut it like "sushi" and I placed her other items in silicone cups BUT I didn't include any pics or cut shapes out! I have spoiled my daughter...again

This is her lunch today- hopefully I have redeemed myself
cream cheese and jelly heart sami, cut up cheese stick and a few candy corn, bananas, and wheat thin sticks- I included a pumpkin googly eyed sticker as a peace offering!! Happy Halloween!!

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