Monday, May 16, 2011

What I wore - leggings??

So I was supposed to have written this post like a week ago, but then I had the mis placement of pictures due to my husband and then blogger decided to not work so here I am late late late in posting this but I am here.

yellow cardi- Melrose
red floral dress- Target
leggings- local boutique
flats- Maurice's
pearl rope necklace- my grandmothers!

dress- local boutique
shrug- Dillards
sandals- Kohls
Beautiful girl- All mine!!

shirt- Cato
Jeans- JC Penney

As you can see in the first picture I went waaaaayyyy outside my comfort zone and tried leggings! I didn't really like how I looked in them, they were comfy but I don't know maybe it was the color of them or the dress or just the outfit its self. Not sure but I will try again, because I found the entire section of them at Target!! These that I have were way too expensive and they snagged so basically they are expensive trash now!! oh well I did try and thats what Nina at Momma Go Round asked us to do!!

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  1. Oh, I think the leggings look cute! And I LOVE the maxi in the second pic.

  2. Thanks- and the dress is actually from Kohls- when I was writing this post I was thinking it was this other dress I own that is from a local boutique- brain fart!