Thursday, May 12, 2011

Where have I been?

Hello Blog land!!

I have been missing lately due to life! Sick kids, husband finishing up school, mom had neck and hand surgery, Mother's day etc etc etc...

I was all set to sit down last night and post some outfits from the previous week and I realize that my husband has dumped all my pictures on to a computer at school so he could use the camera for one of their training exercises!! So I have a few pics from my phone today and I will do better once I get my pictures back.
yellow cardi- Melrose
plaid shirt- JC Penney
pants- Sears ( a million years ago)
necklace- LISA LEONARD!!
I finally, after coveting all the beautiful pieces other bloggers wear, got mine
its the Heart Strings necklace- better picture below

shoes- Kohls (two years ago)


My girl and I at the Mother's Day tea at her school!

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  1. I love that yellow cardi, seriously I LOVE IT!! You look beautiful blog sister!