Thursday, April 28, 2011


So, I have been feeling so BLAH lately- about everything.
I am just tired and so it effects my whole outlook on everything. First of all, my baby is sick- she has broken out in hives and we don't know from what (great!) and she also has some bronchial issues that are causing her to wheeze really badly. I hate hearing her cough and wheeze and see the spots its just so sad. BUT, she is fine- laughing, playing, no fever- its crazy. We started some medicine and bought a nebulizer and I really think its helping. Second, My husband is in the Police Academy so he is kinda stressed and has to study alot and I always worry that we are bothering him and when the baby wakes up at night I feel bad if it wakes him up because I know he needs to sleep. Third, my 5 yr old is going through a defiant stage, you know the one, tell her to stop and she does it one more time. I really can't stand when I pick her up and i have a teacher tell me all the things she did wrong, but they NEVER pull me aside and tell me when she is acting great! Note to teachers- parents like to hear good stuff too.
to continue my whining : my house is a wreck, each room is worse that the one I just left, my laundry is done but in piles to be put up all over the house, the girls rooms need to be cleaned (and de-cluttered) I need to have a garage sale so I can actually park my car in there. I haven't been counting my points like I should for WW, I am watching what I eat but not counting. I have been having alot of fat days so I hate all my clothes and I am regretting cutting my hair. I know I know debbie downer but I needed to vent!

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  1. And that is exactly what our blogs are for, venting! I know how you feel, I really do. When Maria, my 2 year old, is sick I feel awful and it's seems like I get behind on everything even on taking care of myself. But always remember A happy mama, makes a happy home!!