Tuesday, April 19, 2011


When I first started this blog it was because I was addicted to reading other blogs and wanted to try my hand at it. I started with my bento lunches I pack for my daughter Sassy (5yrs), and then I wanted to also show off my family; Sassy, Cheeks (9 mos) and Babe (the hubz). I then found fashion blogs and wanted to start incorporating some of that in to the blog. I NEVER thought I would have followers! I mean, followers are for blogs that actually have something to say or are interesting or at the very least written by people that use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. So the fact that I have 6 followers is amazing, 1 is my Babe but he still counts.

I wanted to say Thank you for "following"me. This blog will be random, inconsistent, and full of errors but I am all of those things too, so it works. :)   I may once in awhile throw in a recipe, or a craft or a rambling or rant, so stay tuned- You never know what you may get. God Bless you all!!


  1. It's always exciting when you start getting followers. Now to brighten your day even more, you should know that you have 14 followers on Google Reader.

  2. OMG- I really need to make sure to step up my blog writing game!!

  3. I don't have kids and I'm not married but I like the way you put things together so I skip the family stuff and look at the outfits!

    I like to encourage bloggers by being a comment 'ho so keep it up! You have readers!

  4. ha ha I love the honesty phouse1964! Thanks!!