Monday, April 18, 2011

Clean that mirror!!

Hello- Monday again!

We had a great weekend. My girls always get up early and the weekend is no exception. Cheeks woke up at 4:45 on Saturday, so I went into the living room with her and we went back to sleep on the couch about 5:30 and at 7:15 I hear "mommy, you are supposed to sleep in your bed!" . ha ha Sassy was up too. Daddy got up a little after that and joined us. Coffee please!! I decided to finally go through Cheeks' drawers and pull out everything she has outgrown, I believe we filled a hugr trash bag. My mom is the garage sale queen so luckily we have some "new" clothes she can wear. After I cleaned Cheeks' room it was onto Sassy's. I rearranged her furniture to give her more floor space to play and we tidied up a bit (still needs work) in between we had lunch and played and Cheeks napped on daddy. That afternoon we had professional family pictures to take, I was so excited about getting these done. I have never had pro pics take of the family so I couldn't wait to get them done. I had everyone color coordinated and me and the girls all had little cardigan/shrugs on. We got a few shots in and we were taking some of Cheeks by herself when she ate a leaf. We tried to get it out but she had already swallowed it, no biggie right? wrong! A few more pics later and the girl starts gagging and throws up all over herself and daddy!! theres the leaf... well, I was about to really be upset when the wonderful photographer (my friend) said "oh, photoshop can take that right out" Praise God! We were able to clean up and continue with pictures. Here are two ( a sneak peek)

 On Sunday we went to our church and then after the service we celebrated the church's 19th birthday with a fish fry it was great, later we napped and then just picked up the house and after that Sassy helped me make dinner athough while we ate she told me thank you for helping HER make dinner.                                        

ok onto What I wore these past few days

  This whole outfit is items that I have had forever, I really am not sure where any of it came from except the pants are from Sears and the belt came with a shirt from Melrose

The necklace is new and I LOVE it, its from Rue 21

Cardigan- Target
striped shirt- Wal-Mart
purple cami- Kohls
necklace- ???
pants- Sears

Cardigan- Target
leopard shirt- OLD no clue from where

the "cami" is actually kind of a bandeau type thing that I have two of and love, they don't add to much bulk under clothes but cover the cleavage- Cato

pants- Sears
Necklace- Lia Sophia

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  1. I love weekends filled with organizing, purging and babies messing themselves, don't you? =) Sorry that happened during your photo shoot, but from what you showed us...they still turned out amazing!
    Simply LOVE outfit #2. (the others are cute on you too, no doubt) but this one screams spring! I love the coverage of the striped shirt and yay for mini pockets! That necklace is adorable too!
    Hope you have a good week!

  2. hey there! so glad to have found ure blog through Tinas at T Minus T Plus. love your maxin outfit and u and ure family are adorable! fish fry sounds soooo good right now btw. ;-)

  3. I love that owl necklace you have on in the first outfit pic; my school mascot is the Owl, so I would find a way to wear that baby every week!
    I love a good ol' fashioned south Texas fish fry; ain't nothing like it (except for the time I swallowed a bone; I seriously thought I was dying, but other than that...)
    gin @ Life as Topher's Mama

  4. CUTE. I also love that owl necklace and the white belt. Great work pal!

  5. Oh my! Glad Cheeks was OK and yeah for photoshop right? Love that owl necklace plus the animal print top in your last outfit. Great necklace addition there too!

  6. so cute.. love that first, floral maxi dress... and your jewelry is awesome!

  7. great looks. my fave is the maxi! beautiful blog. <3

  8. Oh that dress is just awesome!!! I can't wait to see more pictures cause just from that one I can tell it looks stunning on you!