Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I am home today with a migraine- I hate them! The reason for this one is because the weather cannot make up its mind on what it wants and when it goes from warm, to overcast, to a cool front- my head takes a beating.
Since I am home today I am obviously not dressed up- so I thought I would just share some of my fav things to have in my wardrobe and post a picture of Sassy's lunch from today.

I am loving Maxi dresses- for 2 reasons 1) I hate my legs! they are too white and always have bruises on them (not sure why, I am forever getting mysterious bruises)
2) I am tall, so they tend to fall at a perfect length on me
I love this one but its a little pricey so I bought this one instead- it will be my Easter dress

I LOVE ballet flats - again, I am tall (not super tall, but taller than most women)so I don't wear heels too much, or at all. maybe a kitten heel but thats usually only on date night.
I have these shoes in so many patterns and materials and I could still use more like oh I don't know - these

and one more thing that is a MUST have in my wardrobe are Chunky necklaces!! I love statement necklaces of any kind, color, fabric- whatever! as long as it is an attention grabber like this or even this one

strawberry jelly sandwich, spring oreo,
cheese stick, grapes and chick crackers
and finally- here is Sassy's lunch from today

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  1. Hi there, I found your blog link on TMinusTPlus, and thought I'd follow you as well. I noticed you do bento style food packing, so do I :)
    I love to check out what people are wearing, I , unfortunately wear scrubs to work everyday for 10hr and live vicariously throught the blogs I follow!
    Happy Blogging!