Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A quick What I Wore...

This outfit was cute but it didn't wear well, don't you hate that! I wish I could just stand still all day and look cute, BUT that doesn't happen- so here is my cute while standing still, not so wearable all day outfit.

Pink shell- Target
Gray cardi- Thrifted
belt- so old, never been worn
jeans- Target OLD- see the fraying?
necklace/bracelet- James Avery

New shoes!! Payless
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***** I started Weight Watchers on Monday so hopefully soon there will not be that tummy bulge that you see through the shirt, I swear it doesn't look like that until I see it through the camera!!  Wish me Luck, if anyone wants to be WW buddies I am game! ******


  1. Love that ruffle cardi. I love me some ruffles!! And I so know what you mean my outfits always looks better first thing in the am when I am stanging steal in front of my mirror.

    Visiting from WIWW linky party...come check us out.


  2. Visiting from WWIW, so with you on the picture looking way different than the mirror!!

    I love those shoes. I just got a payless ad with 20% off in the mail. I may need to go there. :-)

    BTW, your girls are really cute! :-)

  3. Those shoes are super cute! Are they black or purple?

  4. They are purple!! very comfy really bendy and form to your feet.