Monday, April 4, 2011

Neglected...but Not anymore!!

So there are many things I neglect once in awhile (housework, my diet, my kids <-JOKE) but there are two things that have been neglected for awhile- this blog and my fashion choices. I recently found a fashion blog, The Pleated Poppy written by a woman that chronicles her daily outfits in an attempt to keep herself accountable and out of sweat pants- I love this idea!! As I was clicking on all the link ups of other bloggers, of which I book marked most of  :) , I found Momma Go Round (she is adorable!) . Both ladies have a day that other bloggers link up and show of their outfit choices, Mondays on Momma Go Round and Wednesdays on The Pleated Poppy. Let me tell you that this led to HOURS of blog hopping!! I decide that I was going to get back to this blog and start sharing my fashion finds, outfit choices and anything else fashion related that I want too. I will still talk about the bento lunches I send my girl and really anything else that I want to share with everyone.
*******backstory - I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising, I used to dress up for everything, even in college when everyone else was in jeans, t-shirts and pj bottoms I was in skirts and cute shoes and accessories. In high school I had my own sense of style, not sure what you would call it but it was unique and I enjoyed putting outfits together. Since I had my first daughter and now my second I, like most moms have put myself on the back burner with alot of things- I have made sure that they looked adorable eveywhere we went and then just threw something on myself- not that I have looked bad but I was just sticking with easy pull on no thinking about it clothes- Thats NOT me!*****
These bloggers have given me a new excitement about fashion and so I went and did a bit of shopping (resale store and Target clearance) this weekend and I also took a different look at everything in my closet.
These first few pics are from my phone, but I will have my husband start using our camera from now on!

red tank- Melrose
Black shirt- ?????
yellow belt- ????
jeans- Maurice's
necklace- Kohl's

shoes- Maurice's

I am linking up with Momma Go Round


  1. I love the color combo, especially the belt and the shoes are so bold. You're definitely rockin it!!

  2. WOOOHOOOO!!! Welcome back to the land of blogging and fashion! Your belt is just awesome! I'm totally into yellow right now and that one NEEDS to be in my closet. You look AWESOME!

  3. here from Momma Go Round and the picture of the shoes brought me over here...those are ADORABLE!!!! Man I wihs I had a Maurices around here! LOL Also the yellow/mustard belt is sweet! Love the color!!

  4. Thanks Ladies, I have actually had that belt for forever- no idea where I got it and to be honest I just dug it out of a garage sale box I had going, I decided to try the high waisted belt thing- so glad I did!