Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I AM as I type this ha ha

floral shirt- Kohls
white cropped cardi- Kohls
pants- Target
necklace- old, never worn
earrings- old, probably Kohls

Do the earrings go with the necklace, I have never worn pearls (fake or real) and so I don't know if you have to wear both necklace and earrings the same or can mix it up?

Should I button the cardi or leave it open?

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  1. I think the necklace and earrings look fine together. The pink ties them together. Love the floral shirt! I'd wear the cardigan whichever way is more comfortable.

  2. I like the earrings/necklace combo. As for the cardi? And I love the floral blouse!

  3. LEave the cardi open...looks effortless that way!

  4. i love pearls. they are so timeless & classy. <3