Friday, April 8, 2011

New Beginning...Again...

I have been blog hopping, like I do, and I found another great blog- T Minus T Plus, she is great! She is fun and fashionable and started this blog to hold herself accountable to start eating better and planning out her weekly wardrobe. As I have recently been getting back into planning my outfits and actually caring what I wear I think now would also be a good time to work on my weight.  I have never been a "small" girl, I have always had thighs and hips and a big ol booty even when my tummy was actually "gasp" flat (this was YEARS ago) anyway, I have always struggled. I like food, I like to try new things, go out to eat, eat greasy food, sweets, salty you name it. I hate diets- I hate having to limit myself to only certain things- i.e. no meat or no carbs or no sweets, that is the quickest way for me to be turned off to the whole "diet" idea. enter...Weight Watchers- I love this! I have lost weight everytime I have been on WW, yes thats right I have actually joined twice before. They just re-vamped the system and now fruits and veggies are 0 points! tahts great, we should be eating those anyway right! so starting Monday, April 11 I am going to start WW again- why Monday, well because I havent bought groceries and my husband and I are going on a double date tonight sooo.... I want 2 more "free" days. I want to be held accountable, I want to be asked "How is WW going" because I want to hear "Wow, have you lost weight?"

Reasons to lose:
1) I want to look GREAT in clothes- smokin hot!
2) oh yeah I want to be healthy :)
3) I want my daughters to never have to struggle with their weight because I did
4) I want my gorgeous husband to be proud of his hot wife (well he actually already thinks I'm hot but he just doesn't know how hot I can be!)
5)I don't want to have to shop in a "plus" section, and I want to be able to always find my size

so, in addition to bentos and fashion I will now chronicle my weight loss and food choices- stay tuned

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  1. Awww. Thanks for the shout out! I just started WW again yesterday. Good luck to both of us!